Great ways to use WD-40 in your life

WD-40 is an American original, and these days, working people all over the world use it; from lubricating bike gears, to car rotors, and other mechanical devices time has taken a toll on. Released in 1953 after 40 attempts at getting the formula right, WD-40 soon became a national hit, and as the years went on, ordinary citizens discovered alternative uses for the product that even the company who created it were unaware of. This is a list of some of the unconventional but handy ways to use WD-40 in your everyday life.

Make your shoes water resistant

Water is not friendly to all surfaces, and if you wear sneakers instead of boots on a rainy day, your feet will most likely get soaked. Using WD-40 can help prevent this uncomfortable experience. Spraying some over your shoes creates a thin transparent layer of lubrication that makes your sneakers water resistant! The material your shoes are made of won’t get damaged by the water, and more importantly, you won’t have to walk in soggy socks all day.

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Getting those stickers off

Stickers are fun until the day you want to take them off, and you’ll realize the task is equal to pulling a sword from a stone. Some stickers are cheap, but most live up to their name and are very hard to remove from flat surfaces. At most, you’ll only rip off the sticker’s top layer, leaving an ugly mess of paper mixed with whatever seemingly invincible adhesive the sticker uses to stay put permanently. Spraying the sides of the sticker with WD-40 will loosen that adhesive and allow you to cleanly and effortlessly remove the sticker. Nice and easy.

Unzipping stuck zippers

“The zipper is one of humanity’s greatest inventions” is what we would say, if they didn’t malfunction so frequently. Zippers used on all kinds of items, like coats, pants, jackets, and luggage, all run the risk of getting stuck; primarily during the moments you need them the most. It’s usually no big deal if the zipper is stuck on a foreign object, but when the zipper is actually stuck on itself, you can go crazy trying to figure out why it won’t budge. Luckily, WD-40 can help. Applying some to the zipper will lubricate it enough to make it move again.

Gum removal

Chewing gum is especially difficult to remove when it’s on the bottom of your shoe. When it’s your own gum, the task might not be so gross, but usually, it’s someone else’s. WD-40 is a great way to make it slide off without having to touch it. It removes gum from pretty much any surface, but if you want to prevent yourself from making the common mistake of stepping on gum, try keeping the portable WD-40 No Mess Pen in your pocket when you’re on the go. Your shoes will thank you.

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Windshield protection during winter

Drivers know how stressful, tedious, and tiresome it is to have to pick away at ice stuck on their car’s windows, mirrors, and windshield in the morning before heading off to work. So if you know a snowstorm is coming, spray WD-40 all over those surfaces the night before. The next day, you’ll easily be able to remove the snow and/or ice from your car’s exterior. It’ll slide right off, so the extensive removal process can be completed in less than five minutes. For rainy weather, WD-40 can also be used to prevent mirrors from fogging up, which brings us to our last use for one of the most versatile products ever made.

No more foggy mirrors

You’ve got a big date ahead of you. You really like this person, and want it to go perfectly, and in order to heighten the chances of that, you know you have to look the part as well. You step out from a hot shower smelling great, and look to the mirror to check your appearance, but it’s all fogged up! Trying to wipe the condensation off the mirror will only create blur marks on its surface, and you won’t be able to truly see yourself in it until it naturally fades away. You’re on a time crunch, so undeniably, having to face this phenomenon is inconvenient to say the least. To prevent such a predicament from happening again, use WD-40 on your mirror before showering. The veil it creates over the mirror’s surface prevents it from fogging up. Getting ready to make a great first impression has never been quicker.

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There’s probably even more uses for WD-40 that have yet to be discovered. So pick up a can today to find out how this amazing product can improve your life. You know what they say: A spray a day, keeps the problems away.

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