4 signs it is time to upgrade your smartphone

These days we are all connected to our smartphones. We wake-up next to them, and we go to sleep with them. A notification goes off, and we have to check it. This means that our smartphones, whether they are an Android system or an iPhone, are a very important part of our lives. So, when our smartphones start to lag, or an app stops working it can be really annoying, and in some cases, downright stressful. If you have been wondering whether or not to upgrade your phone, then check out these four signs it’s time to let your old one go, and embrace a new one.

A Few Too Many Drops

Sometimes a smartphone can slip through your fingers while you are busy texting away. Or, perhaps you found yourself in a rush to catch the subway, and it got knocked out of your hand. A drop here or there will probably not affect your smartphone too much, but a facedown fall, with the screen hitting a concrete curb is probably not going to be okay. If your phone has been dropped a few too many times, and you have had to replace the screen more than once, then it is definitely time to consider an upgrade.

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A Lagging OS

Overtime, you may find your operating system slowing down. It doesn’t matter how many upgrades you do, the internal components of your phone are subject to some wear and tear. This is the same for the outside of your smartphone. If you have had your phone for a few years, then chances are it is full of photos and videos from your travels, along with all of your favorite music. A smartphone will begin to slow down once the memory becomes full. You can try and free up some space, but this may just be a sign that you need a smartphone with more storage. With so many new phones on the market that offer micro SD slots to increase your storage or Cloud technology, storage is now a problem of the past.

Battery Life

One of the first things to slowly stop working is the battery. When you first unwrap your shiny new device, plug it in, and program it to meet your needs, the battery seems to last all day. Over a couple of years, and many recharges later, the charge itself will appear to become shorter and shorter. You can get the battery replaced, but with some phone batteries now lasting for a day or more, it might be time to invest in a device that can hold a longer charge. Plus, with some phones offering wireless charging, or even the ability to charge another device, you may just want to up your phone game.

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Traveling, both for fun and for business is something a lot of us have to do. This means that you will need to purchase a new SIM card, or shell out for an expensive roaming plan. If you can go the roaming plan route, then you don’t need to worry about having a phone with dual SIM capabilities. But, if you want to save some money and just buy a SIM card in whatever country you are visiting, like sunny Spain, or cold Canada, you may want to consider a phone with a dual SIM. This allows you to keep both your original SIM card in your phone, and add the SIM card for whatever country you are in.

If you find that you are saying, “Yes,” to any of these common problems, then it is time to invest in a new phone!

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